Monday, September 7, 2009

Hail to Zimbabwe!!

Today I came across with a wonderful fact about a bank note….ya, something that we got in our wallet but I bet u all will never came across this kind of note that will fascinating most of human population in this world….

100 TRILLION or $100,000000000000

Dollars Zimbabwe

---------> WTF! <---------

a single 100 trilion bank note...

hmmm…it might be great to use this note for angpow for this coming hari raye..Those poor kids will happy all day long until the next hari raya if they get this note (I don’t think they even recognize the amount of the note~)

In more serious side, Zimbabwe’s economy is in a death spiral. The only available official inflation rate (July, 2008) is 231 million percent. As of November 2008, unofficial figures put Zimbabwe's annual inflation rate at 516 quintillion per cent (wat on earth..izit mathematically correct?) with prices doubling every 1.3 days. Now we all know this country luv long numbers and a lot, I mean motherf***er a lot of zeros (0o0o0o0o0) in its business...... is the moneyyyyy

If u not wana be a millionaire or billionaire but instant A TRILLIONAIRE (izit a word?), pack ur luggage and start ur life in this heaven-to-be; Zimbabwe.. cos with only a single note and tadaaaaa...welcome to the most exclusive club in this entire world: trillionaire club!

Bring RM10 and up there u will get ZWD 1028.46...imagine u bring RM1000...WOW..that must be a lot of work to carry ZWD notes in ur wallet~ Now imagine how many notes u gona take when u go for shopping?

Now everybody knows where to be when u wana be a person with a lotttttttttttt of money... lol~

*In January, 2009, Zimbabwe introduced a new Z$100 trillion banknote

*On February 2, 2009, the RBZ announced that a further 12 zeros were to be taken off the currency, with 1,000,000,000,000 (third) Zimbabwe dollars being exchanged for 1 new (fourth) dollar. New banknotes are to be introduced with a face value of Z$1, Z$5, Z$10, Z$20, Z$50, Z$100 and Z$500.


HafizAizuddin said...

nice giler duit besa2.. haha.. kalo ar duit malaysia camtu.. nipis dompet guar.. skoler mask dpt duit sekeping je..