Sunday, May 2, 2010

Special Hardbound and Printing Service for FYP2 IT/IS Students January 2010

Assalamualaikum and very good day...
How's your final year project (FYP) report???
We from Sobrono Bersekutu would like to offer you our printing and
hardbound service.
The details are as follows:
-Printing (both black and color printing using double A paper) RM 0.14 per page
-Hardbound RM 17.00 per booklet. (RM 50.00 for 3 copies and RM 65.00 for 4 copies)

You only need to submit the soft copy of you report to our e-mail.
You are also can submit the hard copy to us if you want to do printing yourself.
All reports can be submitted using .doc and .pdf file only.

For printing and hardbound processes, we will take care of it.

You also need to prepare the cover page and spine cover (please refer
to the fyp guideline) and e-mail to us together with your report.
Attached in this e-mail is the sample of cover page and spine cover format.
Please modify it appropriately.
We won't responsible if it's any wrong information written for both covers.

Here are the important dates that you need to know:
-For printing and hardbound - Due date is on 13th May 2010 (Thursday).
-For hardbound only - Due date is on 15th May 2010 (by 10 pm).

You will get your hardbounded report on 17th May 2010 (Monday midnight).

Regarding the payment method, we will collect money on 15th May (night).

If you are interested with our services, please kindly contact us.

Please spread this offer to your friends.

For further information, please regularly visit this blog or directly contact us:

Ahmad Sobri Hashim 0124041829
Syazwan Haji Noordin 0195693598
Noor Azam Zakaria 0192321000

TQ very much. =)

Best Regards,
Sobrono Bersekutu.

Hardbound Samples (IT/IS) - Dark Blue

Front View

Spine View


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